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Electric Violin - EmaElectric Violin - Ema
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Electric Violin - Ema

"Ema" is the first violin I ever crafted myself. The process of elaborating it was a great pleasure. I am very thankful to the violinist Eli and all guys from the band KriGGret for the order and for the collaboration during refinement of the violin. The result is that we achieved together an exclusively good and aesthetic instrument. Here is what the possessor Eli thinks: "Emilian is a person who likes to elaborate details. The violin he made for me is a real piece of art with a wonderful design and fine crafting. The sound is just like a genuine acoustic violin. Emilian is an easy-going person to work with. He is always ready to amend every little thing, which you would dislike in an instrument, and to fiddle it to perfection."

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